Tips For Kickstarting Your Wellness Journey When You Live in an Urban Environment

Living in urban dwellings like New York certainly has its benefits. There’s an abundance of opportunity and a diverse culture that propels you like no other place. The city has an illustrious energy that pushes you to constantly be on the go. Being in a perpetual state of hustling has its perks, however the downside is that it can take a huge toll on your health.

Physical exhaustion is very common for New Yorkers and often times we ignore the signs. At the same time we are often plagued with overstimulation of the mind. The very nature of this amazing place can often times be overwhelmingly stressful, especially when we physiologically become programmed to keep moving. Most people who are ambitious enough to create a life they love while living in urban centers like New York, are constantly challenged to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

So how do we stay in the New York rhythm, while still giving ourselves boundaries so that we stay healthy?

Here are some thought provoking steps to begin creating a paradigm shift:

Step 1: Recognize what your needs are

Step 2: Harnessing your personal power to change your internal experience in relationship to your life

Step 3: Connect to others in your community as a source for support.

And here are some of our favorite self-care tips to start testing out before you curate your perfect New Years “Wellness” Resolution:

  • Create a healthy morning routine that you can do for just 10 before getting your day started (stretch, exercise, meditate, etc.)

  • Try a new way to break a sweat

  • Commit to reading a new book

  • Take an Epsom salt bath

  • Write in journal

  • Go to bed early

  • Instead of ordering seamless try making a homemade meal

  • Buy yourself flowers / repot a plant

  • When you’re stressed or have an idea – jot it down in a journal

  • Eat a bowl of fruit for dessert

  • Chose a day to do a digital detox (no phone, tv or computer)

  • Get a massage (wink wink)

  • Find a wellness blog that you love

  • Book a vacation

  • De-clutter your closet (or any part of your home)

  • Create a vision board or scrap book

  • Have a home spa day

  • Try a plant-based dinner

  • Have a glass of wine instead of hard liquor

  • Buy a new crystal

Any of these activities can become part of a daily, weekly or monthly regime to help you become a more healthy and balanced human while living in NYC! : )

Posted on Fri, Mar 05, 2021