The Importance of Skincare During Winter Months with Sacred Skincare

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The Importance of Skincare During the Winter Months / Tips To Maintain Good Skin During The Colder Months:

Though we may be biased, we believe that you should have a solid skincare routine year round -- especially during fall and winter. Over the next few months we’ll experience a drop in humidity and crisper, chillier air (plus the dry heat you’re getting from indoor heating), which will all likely lead to your skin feeling more dry, flakey, itchy, and irritated. Implementing proper skincare during this time is essential as these skin problems can become painful and have a negative effect on your appearance.

Keep reading for our suggestions of what to swap into your winter skincare routine; and if you don’t quite have a solid skincare routine yet then this will be a little crash course on how to get one going!


Start Doing This:

  •   Gentle Cleanser: Be sure to stay away from foam cleansers, or anything that feels overly drying as they can accelerate any dryness/sensitivity during the winter and can strip your natural oils. Instead, use one that is cream or oil based! You need your skin barrier to be as strong as possible so that it can retain vital moisture. We love this one!

*If you have acne, and your acne cleanser is purposely drying, then just be sure to add extra layers of moisture after cleansing.

Watch how Sacred’s owner, Stephanie, does a double cleanse. She uses Beauty Shamans’ Cleansing Beauty Oil then Beauty Shamans’ Sea Silk Wash


  • Serums: After you cleanse, you’ll want to layer on a serum. There are two types of serums: corrective (winter optional) and restorative (winter necessary). Restorative serums can help restore moisture, provide antioxidants, repair the skin, and help balance the skin. Restorative serums can be used daily and as often as morning and night. Corrective serums are treatment focused, targets cell-turnover and helps to build collagen. Some corrective serums should only be used at night to avoid sun exposure. 
    1. Recommended restorative serums:  Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating), Peptides (elasticity), Vitamin C (protecting).
    2. Recommended corrective serums: Retinol (anti-aging), Mandelic (acne), Glycolic acid (texture).


*For winter: definitely make a hydrating serum a priority! 

 To learn more about how to mix serums and other skincare click here.

  •  Moisturize: Start using a thick/rich moisturizer so as to provide the skin with a protective barrier to hold onto moisture and to avoid skin losing further hydration. Have especially dry/sensitive skin in the winter? Layer on a facial oil after your serum and before you put on a moisturizing cream or lotion. Our clients love Beauty Shamans’ Clear Glow Omega Oil.
  •  Get A Humidifier: Humidifiers pull moisture back into the air, which can help prevent and improve dry and itchy skin, chapped lips, and even allergies.
  •  Get A Facial: Winter is a great time of year for skin treatments. Getting peels and laser treatments during the summer are tricky to do. Professional skin treatments will help repair any skin damage (pigmentation, fine lines) and preserve your skin through harsh weather. Click here to look at our facials! 

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Posted on Wed, Dec 08, 2021