Spring Equinox - Get into the Groove

Happy Earth Day!!!!!

Spring has sprung! ... a while ago. I've been swept up in the abundance. There's still plenty of time to unite with the energetics of this quarter though, so let's dig in:

Spring is rejuvenation and nourishment - it holds a deep sense of renewal. Here lies the energetic oomph of the reappearance of the Sun - a time when slinky green sprouts unfurl, vibrant colors and smells erupt from a cool, dank ground. The fertile earth feels the warmth seeping in again and begins to boast its bounty.

This season is a period of creation and rapid growth. As such in the spring of ones life, we can establish a lot of core rituals here. They will be unique to each individual, but in the process of doing so, be observant and inquisitive and accept the ubiquitous strength to face obstacles in your quest to grow.

Begin spending more time outside again. Nothing outshines a fresh, dewy Spring morning stroll. If you don't have your own, volunteering in a community garden allows for unbeatable intimacy with the root of Spring and harvest perks to boot. Eat the young, fresh, leafy greens and sprouts. Don't shy away from weeds either! Purslane is a nutrient-rich "weed" abundant in gardens and easy to grow in most places.

Spring is an ideal time for cleansing the liver, lymph, and blood. Dandelion, nettles, violet, sage, sassafras, red clover, and milk thistle are several herbs that facilitate the release of waste and unwanted patterns. Movement, such as stretching and breathing exercises, will facilitate the smooth flow of qi and remove obstruction, stagnation, and toxin build-up in the body.

Rejuvenate and nourish yourself!

One last thing... I write these seasonal posts about what we can do to align with nature and how our bodies can benefit from certain practices during each change. I'd like to add: now and always, we must practice stewardship of our planet. In wild harvest know when, how much, and what parts to take so there will be bounty left behind. Give back in every way you can.

Look at this planet! We are so lucky!

Posted on Fri, Mar 05, 2021