Sore Lower Back From Working At Home? Try This Stretch (From Your Bed)

About half of new teleworkers say they have more flexibility to work remotely, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center. Additionally, some estimates show that only 1 in 3 of Americans will return to the office in 2021. 

Working from home has both its perks and challenges. Sprawling out in the comfort of your own home is an obvious benefit, right behind wearing pajamas from 9 to 5...and then again from 5 to 9.

However, if you've exchanged long hours at the desk to longer hours on your couch or in your bed, has your lower back taken the brunt? If so, try out this stretch. 

Amey, LMT at PRESS Williamsburg, demonstrates a lower back and hip flexor stretch in this video* that takes only a few minutes. She explains how excessive sitting and hunching can shorten the psoas muscles, creating strain in the lower back, and how to counteract it. 

Here's a breakdown of this stretch:

  • Lie down on a bed or couch that is at least 2-3 feet high.
  • Keeping your shoulders and hips stable on the bed/couch, dangle the leg that is closest to the edge.
  • Breathing deeply, notice a stretch in the front of your hip and lower back. 
  • For a deeper stretch, reach for your foot or ankle. Be careful not to overextend, and continue breathing and listening to your body.
  • Remember to do both sides.
  • Optionally, ask a friend to assist you.

*As seen in Press Reset 2021

Posted on Thu, Mar 18, 2021