How can massage help my headaches?

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So you're having headaches, migraines, or muscle soreness and you want to know how massage can help. Massage therapy is among the most recommended treatment methods for headache relief and is a proven method to beat headaches naturally. Statistics show:

- 15 minutes of massage can reduce pain by 30-60%

- Massage can decrease the time of headaches by 15-30 minutes

- Adding essential oils can help reduce pain and tension in your headache

When you have a cluster headache or migraine, the muscles in your head and shoulders can spasm, causing even more pain. Getting a massage can help relieve your headache and reduce the stress that can cause headaches in the first place. Massage has been proven to relax tense muscles so they don't press on nerves and blood vessels, which can lead to headaches.

Massage can also reduce trigger points in the muscles, which can cause headaches.

black women and therapist who is massaging her head

Research also shows that when you receive a massage, your body produces endorphins—the brain's feel-good chemicals. Endorphins help relieve stress and reduce pain. A study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience found that when people with chronic tension-type headaches received regular massages for seven weeks, their headaches became less frequent and less painful.

Massage also relaxes your muscles, increases blood flow, and helps release endorphins. It may also help manage the stress that can lead to headaches.

Relaxation is a painkiller. Massage in general can help people relieve pain, be it chronic or just a nagging twinge. Massage specifically aimed at relieving headaches can help ease the symptoms of chronic headaches and migraines. At PRESS, we believe in the healing power of touch. Massage not only helps with relaxation but also provides physical and mental benefits. 

black women and therapist who is massaging her head

Headaches are not just an inconvenience, they can be extremely painful. Massage can help relieve headaches by decreasing stress, increasing blood flow to the head and muscles, improving posture, and even decreasing pain receptors in the head. For more information on therapeutic massage in New York City visit!

Posted on Tue, Oct 25, 2022