Full Moon Intention Setting Before The New Year

Today (Friday the 21st) is the first official day of Winter and December 22nd will bring the last Full (Cold) Moon of the year.

The Full Moon has a great amount of energy and its important that you harness it in some way, especially in preparation for the New Year.

This Full Moon is symbolic of the closing of a chapter and the starting of new one. It’s a great idea to do a personal ritual tailored to you so that you’re able to release that energy.

It’s always a good idea to start setting your Full Moon intentions by burning sage or palo santo. Both instruments are ancient and sacred tools used raise your vibrations by cleaning negative energy from your body and cleansing your space. The energy from the moon is the most powerful when it is full, so it’s imperative that you’re surrounded by positive vibes the midst of your ritual.

Find a sacred space in your home or outside. If you’re able to be under the moon or in a space when the moon is visible, is great! Some people use healing crystals, candles, plants and/or a journal as a tool to set intentions. You can say them aloud or write them down - whatever method you love to perform when doing affirmations.

It’s important to be open and honest in communicating with yourself in order to focus on authentic manifestation. The moon becomes a natural source to channel your energy to align with your values and goals. It’s the perfect time to rid yourself of relationships that no longer serve you and set your focus on creating new ones that will yield positive and fruitful results. It’s time to be open to new opportunities, ideas and motives.

Posted on Fri, Mar 05, 2021