4 Rituals to Intentionally Celebrate Autumn Equinox

The first day of Autumn is finally here! It’s the season for warm colors, pumpkin lattes and perfectly draped layers for an evening with friends. But did you know that Fall Equinox is the perfect opportunity to embrace positive change?!

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Autumn Equinox


It’s a critical time to deep clean your home - pack away your Summer essentials, get rid of things you don’t need and fill it with essentials that bring value to your life. Cleaning, decluttering and intentionally decorating your home is one of the most therapeutic activities that help to bring in the new season. Getting organized makes you feel happier and let’s you move into the colder seasons with more efficiency.


Many successful people swear by a Gratitude List. This list is used to share things/people who you are grateful for. It makes you appreciate the simple things in life - extracting some of the smallest things that make life worth it. This simple act helps people not only feel more positive but also improve their health, handle adversity, and build strong relationships

Below are a few things to get you going:

"I have a place to sleep."
"I ate today."
"I drink clean water."
"I wish others well."
"I am a good person."
"I am breathing."


It’s the perfect time to make a list of all of things you’ve wanted to do this year. Whether it’s start a new book, work on a passion project and start a membership with a group or organization that you value; why not start now! Choose something from your list and create a tangle action plan to get it done!


There are a multitude of ways to work on your wellness regimen for the start of this new season. It’s the perfect time to meditate and/or practice yoga to create inner balance. It’s also a great time to gather herbs and bundle them together make autumn smoke bundles that can be later used for smoke cleansing. Because of the weather change, it a critical time also to build your immune system and start to infuse preventive measure to keep from catching a cold.

Of course are countless rituals you can partake in at the start of this season. The point of this article is to share that this is a Harvest time of year, a time to acknowledge abundance as our natural state of being. Our lives go through cycles of growth, harvest, death, and rebirth just as we see in nature!

Posted on Fri, Mar 05, 2021