3 Ways To Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

If you really sit and think about it, the holiday season is an emotional time for everyone. With the mosaic of family traditions, shopping, drinking, eating and just the insane amount running around you have to do in the cold weather - it’s no wonder why getting back to regular life seems a bit stressful.

The frenzy of the holidays can bring quite a bit of stress and anxiety as you try to cope with your day to day. Getting back to your regularly scheduled program can be extremely challenging.

Here are 5 ways to beat the Post-Holiday Blues and prepare for an amazing New Year!


It seems so obvious but it’s advice that is so critical and often quite challenging. During the long holiday season - eating lots of fatty and sugary foods along with consuming large amount of alcohol put a toll on your body and mood.

Foods high in sugar rapidly raise your levels of insulin and then promptly lower them leaving you with a crash-and-burn effect. Additionally, once your body is accustomed to regularly consuming sugar, it craves it more. (Ever noticed why you’re craving all of the delicious desserts you’ve been lately?) The same goes for alcohol, which is also a depressant and will leave you feeling down. In order to reset, discipline your body to avoid high-fat foods, processed foods, sugary snacks, and alcohol for the month of January. It doesn’t happen over night but it certainly will improve over the next few weeks.


It’s no surprise that the end of year is when you find out that you’ve overspent. So getting your finances in order is going to be a huge distressed. Coming up with a detailed plan for monthly budgeting is going to be helpful - especially if you have a some credit card debt to pay off. Also, never hesitate to get financial help if you need it!


Purging after the holidays is always a great way to reset. Cleaning your space is super important and most certainly will aid in giving you a brighter perspective. Clean out items that you no longer need and that which can be donated to a friend, neighbor or charity. Giving your house/space a deep and thorough clean along with some organizing will go a tremendously long way.

Getting back motivated to conquer the world is going to take some time but the first step is acknowledging how you feel and then becoming disciplined enough to take the necessary baby steps that work best for you! The New Year is quickly approaching and it’s blank canvas for you to paint all over! : )

Posted on Fri, Mar 05, 2021