Your Insurance May Cover Your Next Massage

Everyone deserves to enjoy life without the disruption of chronic or injury-related pain. You already know our recommended solution!

Massage therapy is a magical experience. Okay, well, decades of research shows the benefits are more therapeutic in nature, but the after effects can certainly feel like magic. Especially when injury-related muscular stress and tension are transformed into lasting pain relief.

Our clients with medical conditions and injuries are frequently surprised at the amount of relief they experience after getting a massage. At the same time, while massage is vital in many recovery and treatment plans, we understand that regular sessions can become a financial strain without medical assistance.

The good news: some health insurance providers and plans may cover therapeutic massages when deemed medically necessary! Check your eligibility for medical massage coverage in 4 simple steps:

1. Check your insurance policy.

Before getting a physician referral for a massage, look into whether your policy allows for out-of-network benefits and whether it states that a referral will result in coverage. If so, note if there are other coverage limitations that apply, or any exclusions in getting a medical massage covered.

2. Talk to your primary care doctor.

doctor with arms crossed and stethoscope

Schedule an appointment with the physician or medical professional listed in your insurance policy document. Discuss your medical condition with your doctor, who will make the diagnosis and determine whether a referral would be beneficial. If so, ask them to write you a prescription for a medical massage. Be honest and specific about your symptoms.

When discussing your medical condition, ask for a comprehensive treatment plan, which may help validate a medical massage in a greater context. Also ask about other treatments to supplement a medical massage and accommodate your rehabilitation or recovery.

3. Get a referral and schedule your massage.

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Ask your physician's office to send a referral directly to your insurance company, and keep a copy of the document for yourself. Remember to ask about the recommended frequency of getting a medical massage.

Then, book your 60- or 90-minute massage session(s) at PRESS Greenpoint or Williamsburg, like you would any other massage. All of our LMTs are pain relief specialists and perform medical massages, or you can request a specific therapist (read about our LMTs and their specialties here).

4. Massage time! (Reminder: Get an insurance-friendly receipt).


Finally, the fun stuff! Prior to your massage, your LMT will discuss your medical condition with you and what you are looking to get out of the massage. PRESS LMTs personalize massages to each client’s needs. No cookie-cutter massages here!

After your massage, let us know that you will need an insurance-friendly receipt with insurance billing codes, which we can print or email for your records. This is the documentation you will need to provide your insurance company.


Although determining your medical massage eligibility is a multi-step process, we hope this guide helped simplify it. You’re one step closer to being pain-free. 

Posted on Thu, Mar 18, 2021