5 Indoor Things To Do In NYC This Winter

Key Takeaways:

  • Diverse Indoor Activities in NYC: Winter in New York City is filled with indoor activities like museum visits, Broadway shows, and unique dining experiences, ensuring there's always something fun to do.
  • Importance of Self-Care: Amidst the hustle and bustle, prioritizing self-care is crucial. Massage therapy at PRESS offers a perfect way to alleviate stress, pain, and anxiety.
  • Combining Exploration and Relaxation: Embrace the winter season by exploring NYC's indoor attractions and complementing your adventures with a rejuvenating massage at PRESS for a balanced and memorable experience.

In the winter months, New York City transforms into a vibrant indoor playground, offering an array of activities that provide an escape from the chilly weather. 

Whether you're engaging in interactive workshops to develop new skills or relaxing at PRESS after a long day – there’s something for everyone!

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Museums And Art Galleries: Cultural Gems Of NYC

If you're a fan of art and history, NYC is home to some of the world's most renowned museums and art galleries. Spend a day exploring the city's cultural gems and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art and history.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an iconic institution that houses an extensive collection of artwork spanning thousands of years. From ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern masterpieces, you'll be captivated by the diverse range of artwork on display.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a must-visit for contemporary art enthusiasts. With its ever-changing exhibits and imPRESSive modern and contemporary art collection, you'll discover works by renowned artists like Picasso, Warhol, and Van Gogh.

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum is not only an architectural marvel but also a haven for art lovers. Explore its unconventional structure while enjoying the striking modern and contemporary art collection.

American Museum of Natural History 

If you're intrigued by history, the American Museum of Natural History is the perfect place to delve into the wonders of the natural world. From dinosaur fossils to exhibits on human evolution, you'll go on a captivating journey through time.

Museum of Illusions

For a unique museum experience, head to the Museum of Illusions, where you can explore mind-bending optical illusions and interactive exhibits. It's a fun and immersive experience that will leave you questioning what is real and what is an illusion.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Broadway Magic: Exploring Theaters And Shows

No visit to NYC is complete without experiencing the magic of Broadway. The city's theater district is renowned for its world-class productions, dazzling performances, and unforgettable musicals. Immerse yourself in the glitz and glamor of Broadway by catching a show or exploring the historic theaters.

Catch A Broadway Show

Broadway has a variety of shows, from classics to newer hits like Hamilton. Whether you enjoy musicals or thought-provoking plays, there's something for everyone. Remember to book your tickets early as popular shows sell out fast.

Take A Theater Tour

Dive into the rich history of Broadway by taking a guided tour of the iconic theaters. The New Amsterdam Theatre and the Gershwin Theatre are among the notable venues that offer behind-the-scenes tours. Learn about the theater's architecture, the history of Broadway, and get a glimpse of the backstage world where the magic happens.

Explore The Theater District

Beyond the performances, the Theater District is buzzing with energy and excitement. Take a stroll down Times Square and admire the dazzling billboards and vibrant atmosphere. Discover hidden gems like Restaurant Row, a stretch of delectable dining options to satisfy your pre or post-show cravings. Don't forget to stop by the TKTS Booth in Times Square, where you can find discounted day-of-show tickets for numerous Broadway and off-Broadway productions.

Indoor Markets And Food Halls: A Culinary Journey

If you're a food lover, NYC is a paradise for your taste buds. The city is brimming with indoor markets and food halls that offer a wide array of tantalizing culinary delights. Take a culinary journey through the city and explore the diverse flavors that NYC has to offer.

Chelsea Market

Located in the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market is a food lover's dream. With a sprawling selection of food vendors, you'll find everything from artisanal cheeses to fresh seafood to mouth-watering pastries. Take your time to wander through the market, sample different cuisines, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

Gotham West Market

Situated in Hell's Kitchen, Gotham West Market is a culinary paradise. With vendors offering everything from ramen to tacos to artisanal cocktails, there's something to satisfy every craving. Grab a seat at one of the communal tables and enjoy the bustling ambiance while indulging in delectable dishes.


For lovers of Italian cuisine, Eataly is a must-visit destination. This expansive Italian marketplace offers a multitude of gourmet food stalls, restaurants, and even cooking classes. Explore the various sections, from the fresh pasta counter to the extensive wine selection, and experience the flavors of Italy right here in NYC.


If you're a fan of street food, Smorgasburg is the place to be. This outdoor market transitions to an indoor location during the winter months, allowing you to indulge in culinary delights year-round. Sample a wide range of international street foods, from Korean barbecue to Mexican tacos, all under one roof.

Queens Night Market

Venture outside Manhattan and head to the Queens Night Market for a taste of diverse cuisines. This vibrant market celebrates the multicultural flavors of Queens, with vendors offering dishes from around the world. From Indian street food to Caribbean desserts, your taste buds will be in for a treat.

Chelsea Market

Workshops And Classes: Learn Something New This Winter

Looking to expand your knowledge and learn a new skill? NYC is home to many workshops and classes that offer a chance to sharpen your creative or professional abilities. Whether you're interested in cooking, painting, photography, or even coding, there's a workshop or class for you.

Cooking Classes

Unleash your inner chef by taking a cooking class in NYC. From mastering the art of French cuisine to learning the secrets of authentic sushi-making, you'll find a wide range of culinary workshops to suit your taste. Not only will you learn new recipes and techniques, but you'll also have the opportunity to indulge in your delicious creations.

Art Classes

Channel your inner artist and join an art class. Explore various mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpting, or even pottery. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, these classes offer a chance to unleash your creativity and learn from expert instructors.

Photography Workshops

Capture the beauty of NYC through the lens by joining a photography workshop. Whether you're interested in landscape, street, or even portrait photography, these workshops provide valuable insights and techniques to enhance your skills.

Fitness and Wellness Workshops

Stay active and energized during the winter months by participating in fitness and wellness workshops. From yoga and meditation classes to dance and fitness workshops, you'll find a wide range of options to prioritize your physical and mental well-being.

Coding And Technology Workshops

Embrace the digital age by attending coding and technology workshops. Learn new programming languages, explore web development fundamentals, or delve into the world of data analytics. These workshops offer valuable skills that are highly sought after in today's tech-driven world.

Final Thoughts On NYC's Indoor Activities

New York City is always busy, even when it's cold outside. There are many things to do inside, like visiting museums, art galleries, watching Broadway shows, and eating delicious food. You can also learn new things in workshops and classes.

While enjoying these activities, remember to look after yourself too. At PRESS, we know how important it is to take care of yourself, and massages can really help. Whether you're feeling sore, stressed, or just want to relax, our massage studios in New York City are ready to help you feel better. Our team of friendly and skilled massage therapists wants to improve your health and happiness.

So, don't let the cold weather stop you. Put on your warm clothes, have fun with indoor activities in the city, and come get a full body massage at PRESS. It will make your winter in New York City extra special!

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Frequently Asked Questions About 5 Indoor Activities To Do In NYC This Winter

Does NYC have indoor ice-skating rinks for winter?

Yes, NYC has several indoor ice-skating rinks that are perfect for enjoying winter activities. Some popular options include The Rink at Rockefeller Center, Chelsea Piers Sky Rink, and City Ice Pavilion, among others.

Does NYC offer indoor rock climbing in winter?

Yes, NYC offers indoor rock climbing facilities that are ideal for winter activities. These indoor rock climbing gyms provide a safe and challenging environment for climbers of all skill levels. Some popular indoor rock climbing gyms in NYC include Brooklyn Boulders, The Cliffs at LIC, and Steep Rock Bouldering.

Are there indoor music concerts in NYC during winter?

Absolutely! NYC is known for its vibrant music scene, and there are plenty of indoor music concerts to choose from during the winter season. Many famous venues, such as Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, and Radio City Music Hall, host concerts and shows throughout the year, including winter.

What indoor photography spots are there in NYC during winter?

NYC offers numerous indoor photography spots that are perfect for capturing beautiful winter scenes. Some popular options include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Guggenheim Museum, Grand Central Terminal, and The New York Public Library, among others.

Can I visit the New York Public Library in the winter?

Yes, you can visit the New York Public Library during the winter season. The library is a historic landmark and offers a beautiful indoor space to explore and relax. You can admire the stunning architecture, browse through books, or even find a cozy corner to read or study.

Are there wine tastings in NYC during the winter?

Yes, NYC offers wine tastings throughout the year, including the winter season. There are many wine bars, wineries, and restaurants across the city that host wine tastings and events where you can sample a variety of wines and learn about different regions and flavors.

Does NYC offer indoor fitness classes during winter?

Absolutely! In NYC, you can find a wide range of indoor fitness classes to stay active during the winter months. From yoga and Pilates studios to dance and martial arts classes, there is something for everyone. Many fitness studios offer drop-in classes or class packages to accommodate both residents and visitors.

Can I have a spa day in NYC during winter?

Yes, you can definitely enjoy a spa day in NYC during the winter. There are numerous spas and wellness centers in the city that offer a variety of services, such as massages, facials, body treatments, and more. Treat yourself to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the chilly winter weather.

Can I go indoor kart racing in NYC during winter?

Unfortunately, NYC does not have indoor kart racing facilities. However, there are other exciting indoor activities available to keep you entertained during the winter season. You can try activities such as virtual reality experiences, escape rooms, trampoline parks, and more.

Posted on Thu, Jan 18, 2024