Summer Self-Care Bucket List

We loved this article in Reset Ritual about creating a self-care plan for the summer. The original article is found here on Reset Ritual

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Whether you’re traveling or staying home this summer, the season is ripe for rejuvenation, growth, and adventure, which makes it the perfect season to revisit your self-care plan. After all, self-care isn’t face masks, baths, and mani-pedis, it’s about tending to your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Enter the summer self-care bucket list.

How to Make Time for Your Self Care Plan

Do you ever feel pressured to do everything under the sun come summer time? (I’m just going to leave that pun right there.) The season begs to be savored slowly, yet summer calendars and to-do lists fill up pretty fast. If you tend to find yourself donning sweaters and sweeping autumn leaves while wondering where the summer went, it may be time to add some intentional self-care to your summer agenda.

But how to find the time? Try blocking off time in your calendar and then finding people in your life who can help hold that space for you. Maybe it’s a partner who watches the kids or a co-worker who’ll cover your duties or a neighbor who can run a few errands for you. People want to help; don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Self Care Bucket List for Summer

Ready to add some relaxation, mindfulness and inspired energy to your summer bucket list? These summer self-care ideas will help you slow down, be present and fully enjoy the season.

Try forest bathing | Take a mindful walk in nature and closely notice your surroundings with all of your senses.

Recreate your favorite vacation vibes at home | Make a local dish, light a candle with a scent that reminds you of your destination, plan a few similar activities.

Stargaze in silence | There’s nothing like watching the stars on a clear night to remind you of how small your problems are.

Meditate by a campfire | The crackle of the wood, the flicker of the flames, the scent wafting in the breeze, what a great meditative moment.

Enjoy a rainy day with a book | Savor the opportunity to have some downtime inside with a good book and a window seat.

Be a tourist in your own town | You don’t have to travel to bring adventure into your life. Visit a new place in your hometown.

Make something with your hands | Do something crafty that you’ve never tried before. Go to a local class or watch a tutorial on YouTube.

Try a new-to-you cuisine | Experience an international cuisine by going to a restaurant you’ve never tried or cooking an authentic dish at home.

Plan a trip | Travel fuels personal growth, self-discovery and adventure…it’s the ultimate self-care.

Watch the sunrise | Sunsets are lovely and all, but the energy that comes from watching the sunrise is a powerful boost of energy for your whole day.

Have a dance party (alone or with friends) | Make a playlist of your favorite party tunes and dance it out. Dancing is good for the soul and the body.

Declutter your space | Why leave spring cleaning to spring. Every season is a chance to take stock of your stuff and re-energize your space.

Try a new fruit | When better than summer to experience a new fruity flavor? Try looking for an exotic tropical fruit.

Create a journaling routine | Journaling is a powerful way to set intentions, cultivate gratitude and find some mindfulness in your day.

Curate an inspiring podcast playlist | Find a couple of self-development or wellbeing-focused podcasts to motivate you all summer long.

Have a mid-year goals check-in | Remember those intentions you set at the beginning of the year? Summer’s a great time to take stock.

Read a personal development book | Feeling stuck in an area of your life? Dive into a book to help you overcome it.

Read a fiction book | On the flip side, reading a great piece of fiction is the perfect escape without going anywhere.

Do a digital detox | Carve out a set period of time when you’ll stop the scroll and refocus on real life and the people who matter.

Green your beauty routine (self-care for you and the planet) | One of the easiest things you can do to care for your body and the earth.

Learn to garden or tend to indoor plants | Get your hands in some dirt and watch a plant grow— such a fulfilling item to add to your self-care list.

Take one small step toward a lifelong dream | What’s been holding you back from pursuing a passion or dream? Commit to taking one small action that will bring you closer. Repeat.

Have a picnic | Get outside with a good meal, a good book, and some good company (yourself counts as good company).

Go on one-on-one friend dates | Spend some time connecting on a deeper level than when you hang out in a group.

Shop at the farmers market | ‘Tis the season to feast on fresh, local produce and support farmers near you.

Swim in the ocean or a lake | Maybe skinny dipping is in order? Clothed or not, embrace your inner child and splash around a bit.

Take a road trip | Roll down the window, turn on the tunes and hit the open road. Destination, optional.

Volunteer for a cause | Donate your time to a local cause you love because giving back is the best way to give to ourselves.

Integrate a few of these summer self-care bucket list ideas into your routine and you’re bound to feel more rested, rejuvenated and inspired come autumn. How about you? What’s your summer self-care plan?

Posted on Wed, May 31, 2023