Happy 1st Day Of June ... Time To Try A 30 Day Minimalist Challenge

MINIMALISM. We see beautiful Instagram feeds inspired by this theme of minimalism. Organized closets with only a hand full of clothes, sparkling desks with not a speck of dust and living rooms with white walls and decorative plants. People who seem to have everything together attribute their success to the idea of minimalism. And there's even a nifty documentary called "Minimalism" where minimalists make it sound so easy to live a life with not much stuff.

But the reality is ... if you live in Brooklyn, the chances are ... you are NOT a minimalist. You leave dishes in the sink because you're rushing to get to work. Your laundry piles up because you don't have a washer and dryer in your building. Your closet is full of trendy clothes for every season. You accumulate furniture, books and records because Craigslist is everything and freebies on the curb are hard to ignore. And don't get us started on Brooklynites with kids.

But another reality is that although minimalism is hard to achieve ... it's important to work towards that goal of decluttering! We don't expect anyone to become a minimalist but finding a healthy balance between needs and wants creates a happier version of yourself. Letting go of things brings a sense of joy, peace and productivity to your life. Declutter reduces anxiety, stress and depression but it's not something you do over night.

This is why we are dedicating the month of June as Minimalism Month. It's the perfect time as we transition from Spring to Summer to simplify your world and create mindful practices as we begin to change season.

Here is a 30 Day Minimalism Challenge that we hope you will enjoy:

Posted on Fri, Mar 05, 2021