5 Reasons Why Beach Trips And Massages Are The Perfect Pairing

Have you been to the beach lately? Here in New York City, we're lucky to have access to various beaches in multiple boroughs that are just a train or ferry ride away. 

A getaway to a seaside destination provides major benefits to both the brain and body, while lending plenty of downtime for fun in the sun.

Visit the beach within a few days of getting a massage to begin your transition into a calm and receptive state. While an hour or more of massage can help you deeply relax, you may be surprised how starting the relaxation process in advance can maximize results. 

5 ways a beach trip can support pre-massage relaxation:

1. Many people associate the color blue with calm and relaxation. Staring at ocean waves and smelling the breeze can put us in a meditative state, while the color blue can boost creativity, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s journal. 

2. Saltwater has profound healing effects on the body as a result of mineral salts that clean and regenerate the skin. Rich in sodium, iodine, and other minerals, ocean water's antiseptic and cicatrizing effects can help wounds heal and form scar tissue. In moderation, it's also useful for skin conditions like psoriasis. 

3. Combined with exercise, ocean water is ideal for alleviating bone and muscle pain, particularly for those with joint pain, arthritis, and inflammation. However, those with chronic pain will likely get more benefit from warmer water, which helps to move blood throughout stiff muscles and joints. 

4. Even the lungs get a boost from the salt-rich air!⁠ ⁠This idea has been widely explored since the 18th century when doctors from seaside towns in England would recommend beach trips to their patients.

A 48-week study published in the Wall Street Journal on patients with various lung diseases shows how breathing in ocean air can clear out the lungs and reduce flare-ups. Lung function Next time you're soaking in the soak or taking a dip, notice how your body responds to the elements around you. You may notice a big difference! 

5. Sand and saltwater naturally exfoliate, while massage oils and gels can help hydrate the skin. Be aware that saltwater does NOT hydrate the skin and excessive exposure can irritate and dry it out instead. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself from the inside out. 


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Posted on Fri, Jul 23, 2021