Before and During

Before and During

Before Your Press
– Hydrate

Drink plenty of water before and after your massage

– Feel Comfortable

Come in feeling comfortable – eat healthfully on the day of your appointment

– Arrive Early

Arrive five minutes early, to start the relaxation process and discuss with your therapist any goals you have for the session (for example, greater flexibility, less tension, headache relief) and specify areas you’d like to focus on.

– If You’re Pregnant…

Pregnant? Please specify that you are pregnant when booking so we may schedule you with a Prenatal Certified Therapist. If you are scheduling an appointment for your partner or a friend who is expecting, you must notify us upon booking the reservation, and schedule under PRESS MAMA.

During Your Press
– Mention Medical Conditions

Let your therapist know about any medical conditions, or anything you feel is important to the session, and feel free to ask questions

– Check With Insurance

Insurance-friendly receipts are available upon request. Check your eligibility with your insurance provider.