Important Self-care Sunday Rituals That Don't Involve Bubble Baths & Facials

Self-care, although quite a trendy topic, is extremely important when you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Often times we see selfceare rituals as taking a bubble bath, getting a facial or sipping on a glass of wine. Although those are important, is imperative to look at selfceare less from a commodity lens and from a self-preservation holistic point of view so that you can live life more abundantly. Implementing self-care habits that alter the way of think and heal, helps you become the best version of yourself.

Here are some of the less talked about pillars of self-care that you can indulge in today:


Make a decision to routinize something small in your life. By doing it in the same way each day—it creates a positive and consistent habit.


Deliberately engage in pleasure activities with yourself or with your partner.


Creating a boundary from a toxic relationship is or creating a cutoff time where you don't communicate with the outside world is extremely important but often overlooked.


Rest is something we take for granted. Sometimes selfceare is simply about catching up on much needed sleep - maybe even for the whole day.


Give random people a compliment. Try to be intentional about putting kind words and gestures out into the world.


Try a mini declutter ritual. Recycle three things from your wardrobe that you don’t love or regularly wear.


Sometimes we're so busy working or engaging with our family that we don't lean on our community. A strong circle of influence outside of your daily life is important for connecting and healing.


Take some time to explore yourself, your body, your neighborhood, nature or the world. Going on a personal adventure aids in adding meaning to your life.


Accepting the things that you can not change helps to forgive and move forward without resentment. Once you accept, you begin the process of living happier and healthier.

Posted on Fri, Mar 05, 2021