Improve Your Mood During the Winter Season

Do you notice your mood getting lower during the cold winter months? You aren't alone in this. Seasonal affective disorder is very common and can be very difficult. Although it can be hard to get out of a seasonal funk, here are a few ways to boost your mood in the winter. 


Get Enough Sleep 

Getting a good nights sleep is imperative to staying strong mentally during the cold winter months. Getting sleep helps boost your immune system. Sleeping also increases productivity and improves your mood. The average adult should sleep 7 or more hours per night.


Get Fresh Air 
Sometimes bundling up and getting outside can be a huge mood booster. Whether it is a snowy walk through Central Park or even a 15 minute walk to your favorite coffee shop this can be a huge mood booster! Winter activities such as ice skating, sledding or skiing are also fun activities to do when it's cold out. 

Vitamin D 
During the summer it is fairly easy to get the daily dose of Vitamin D needed, but during the winter when the sun isn't as prevalent it is obviously harder. Vitamin D is great for building and maintaining healthy bones as well as improving mood. Vitamin D supplements can be found at most grocery stores. Taking a daily supplement of Vitamin D will help beat some of the winter blues! 


Stay Busy While Still Practicing Self Care
Staying busy during the winter months can keep your mind off the gloomy weather. Being busy with work, social events or staying active is a great way to improve mood. Although there is no such thing as a perfect balance it is important to still remember to rest and practice self care. Wind down a busy day with a hot epsom salt bath! A massage is also an excellent way to spend time out of the cold and give your body the love and self care it needs and deserves. Book a massage with us today!



If you have any other ideas or suggestions on how you improve your mood and stay happy during the cold winter months let us know! 
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Posted on Sun, Dec 26, 2021